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Kult ov Azazel : Florida's Black Metal Elite
Kult ov Azazel
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Anti-god, anti-human, and anti-you! Kult ov Azazel started out in April of 1999 in Florida when Xaphan and Xul decided to combine their two solo projects. Initially called "Azazel" (go ask your warlock trainer, you lazy fucks, it's not my job to educate you in the demonic hierarchy), they changed the name in 1999 to avoid association with similarly named bands. They've endured a few line up changes over the years, mostly searching for the right drummer. But thankfully the drum throne has been expertly helmed by Hammer for the last two albums and Necrol on second guitar (VJS left the band late last year). After many demos, splits, compilations, and 3 full length releases (The latest of which is the devastating "The World, The Flesh and The Devil", out now on Arctic Music, and it's mandatory fucking black metal!) Kult ov Azazel have become the standard bearers of American black metal. Satanic in every sense of the word, Kult ov Azazel's music embodies all that is dark, evil, and malevolent. Xaphan himself puts it best: "The goal with Kult ov Azazel is to spread antichristian propaganda and to keep playing black metal as it should be played." Xaphan and Xul draw inspiration from a multitude of sources, and while Xaphan is a member of the Church of Satan, don't read too much into that... he freely admits that he follows his own path. They still reside in Florida, which isn't exactly a hot bed of black metal activity... yet. Want to know what I think of "The World, The Flesh, and the Devil"? Read the review, get the album, then come back and revel in the unadulterated nihilism that informs Xaphan and Xul.

Humanity... what went wrong? Did it ever have a chance to be other than a pathetic infestation upon this ball of rock?

It was spawned and evolved. If it had a chance we'll never know and in all honesty at this point in its progression worthless of debate.

Ignorance and fear have propelled human progress up to this point, and the results have been profoundly pathetic... layer upon layer of institutional control systems like politics and religion. When the individual comes to this realization and begins to move beyond these restrictions, it feels like being born of fire into a new world. Are we under any obligation to awaken the other sleepers?

Under obligation absolutely not but it could provoke immense change if one makes the choice to do so.

I commend you and your band on your unswerving dedication to your craft. Few, if any, can lay claim to such consistency of thought and deed, and serves as a fine example of what a focused, passionate individuals can accomplish. Are you satisfied on a personal level with what you've achieved so far? I'm not talking critical success, or record/ticket sales, but as a practitioner of your craft?

On a personal level all I have ever wanted to do was write music that conveyed my thoughts and ideals whether anyone cared to hear it or not. So speaking for myself, yes I am very satisfied I have been able to do this over the past seven years and counting with this band.

Thank you for making your music, and for putting it out there for public consumption; my understanding is that you would be putting your energies into this (or other similar projects) whether there was an audience or not. Indeed, I am filled with joy that you have unleashed such a virulent attack upon the deists and theists. Has being so public about such private beliefs had any consequences, positive or negative?

It's true that I would be doing the same thing audience or not. I have also never hidden who I am and have been very public about my beliefs way before this band ever existed. I'm sure both positive and negative consequences have happened over the past 20 years from my expression of these beliefs but nothing that sticks out in my mind. Most definitely nothing I notice on a day to day basis.

What would a philosophically satanic legal system be like? or could such a thing even exist?

To be truthful law and justice issues aren't something I even care about. Philosophically speaking laws are made to be broken.

Humanity has always been fascinated in rhythm and melody; what is it about music that resonates so strongly within us? And when did you realize that music was such a powerful force, capable of both enlightening and frightening?

It awakens the primordial within each of us this is why. Music has always been a powerful force as long back as I can remember. It wasn't until the explosion of extreme metal in the 80's that I realized it was capable of enlightening and frightening. I was in my teens and bands like Venom and Possessed among others had lyrics which were enlightening me and because of these bands my interest and later involvement in the occult began. But these same bands frightened others around me, family and acquaintances. So that was when I saw what a true force music could be intended or not. It was also at this time I began to think of music as more than just lyrics on a page or in a song and saw these bands as spreading a message which inspired me greatly to pursue a path in the same direction.

As a misanthrope, I'm glad humanity created religion, because of the hatred and bloodlust it's inspired. To hell with peace... how can we inspire the theists to follow their natural inclinations towards obliteration?

Both Christianity and Judaism need to adopt the same tactics that the Islamist religion employs as Muslims need no help since they happily obliterate themselves. We could all then sit back and watch as they all disseminate their religions into blood, guts, scattered flesh and bone. Yet in all seriousness we don't need to inspire the theists as they will lead themselves into obliteration without anyone's help as it is natural instinct for them.

Totally theoretical question: IF the theists actually lived by their words, instead of being outrageous hypocrites, would any kind of respect for them be possible? I know you hate speaking in hypothetical terms, and that is a mighty big "if", since they've never done it before. Could you respect someone who was at least true to their ideals, even if you disagreed with them?

I can agree to disagree but that does not mean I have to like or respect a person for that matter. As long as they serve a master in heaven they will be slaves on earth so even in a hypothetical context I can truly say I'd still feel the same way, no respect. If they wish to live in a fantasy world bound by a slave religion than so be it, hypothetically and in reality.

I never wanted to bring life into this world, and have remained true to that ideal. Procreation only prolongs the existence of humanity. Any thoughts on that?

I have no desire to procreate. This world is something I would never consider bringing my own flesh and blood into. It's one I wish I didn't have to exist within so having any offspring is absolutely unimaginable.

Many of the people I've met who follow the left hand path are very creative, inspired individuals. Is there something about being unleashed from the tepid morality of theisms that inspires the satanic mind? I'm thinking of artists like Giger, in particular.

I believe those that shed the dogmas of religion and follow the LHP are of satanic mind to begin with. And it's these types that are naturally drawn to creative outlets.

What do you make of antifoundationalists and "cheerful nihilism"? To me it sounds like the critics keep looking into the face of nihilism and despairing that they can't reconcile it into a happy idea they can subsequently use and control.

I will have to agree here with what little I have information I have read concerning the term "cheerful nihilism".

(I didn't ask that question very well, and in fact I disagree with my own assessment. I won't get into it here, but it's worth looking up, especially in context of The Great Sheep that is modern American society. Who needs critics anyway? -S.Gregory)

Am I wrong in thinking that you've got a wickedly sharp sense of humor? It seems to come out here and there in your interviews.

You'd be correct in your assumption or at least I think so.

I really like "As Temples Burn"; Hammer's drumming on that one is intense! Do you let him have his way when it comes to composing the drums, or do you guide him in any way?

It's usually him and I that structure the songs and being I can't play drums period all his drum parts are composed by him without any or very little input from me.

Damn it man, you've answered the same fucking questions so many times! Is there anything you've ever actually WANTED to be asked but no one ever touched on it?

At the moment I can't think of one but I'm sure eventually someone will ask it.

That's a mind bender when you think about it... see, that's the wicked sense of humor I was talking about. I know all this shit is draining to work your way through so I'm not going to bore you any longer with these tedious questions. You've probably written more doing interviews than you ever did in school (unless you were a damn fool English major like me). If there's anything I can do to help promote the band, or if you're ever in Atlanta and need a bed/meal/beer/bong, just let me know. Congratulations on the new album, it's like hot steel in the guts of the prophet and has immensely troubled my co-workers, much to my delight! Thanks for taking time out to answer these queries and I hope like hell I'll be able to see you guys live sometime in the near future. Best of luck on any future efforts to you and the band!

Your analogy there is pretty accurate if not dead on about the interviews. Not many can see past the words and completely grasp the underlying message so it's interviews such as this one that are appreciated. When we make it to Atlanta, GA we'll be sure to take you up on the offer if it still stands. Also thanks all the comments, interest and interview. Horns up to you and all the others that continue to show support towards Kult ov Azazel!

Who knew such unrelenting misanthropy could live, thrive and survive in the churning pit of old age that is Florida? If you think American black metal doesn't have the goods, go now to your local vendor of extreme music and unleash the mind blast of Kult ov Azazel. Play it for your dog, play it for your mom, play it for your boss and watch with glee as they flee in abject terror. Thanks again to Xaphan!!!