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Jigsore Terror : Wherein Jigsore Terror is subjected to the horrors of my gibbering questions
Jigsore Terror
With Adde Mitroulis
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Jigsore Terror is one of those projects that makes one sit up and take notice, just before the music implodes your skull into tiny quivering fragments. When these guys get together to grind (all are involved with other bands) it's done for the sheer fun of playing extremely heavy music... it's the kind of exuberance you can't quantifty. This is good stuff; heavy as hell but with a deft touch that makes it ever so listenable. Well, if you like grindcore that is... otherwise, cover your ears and hide. The Jigsore Terror is coming for you!

Okay, first thing is the band name. Is that a nod to the grindmasters, Carcass? What the hell is a "jigsore", anyway?

Well, almost everbody think about Carcass when they hear the word "jigsore", so you could say it's a nod to them. Actually, I don't really know what it means, ha ha ha!! Sounds cool, though.

"World End Carnage" was recorded by Mieszko Talarczyk, who was so sadly lost to us recently. He was so influential in the grind scene; what was it like working with him? From an outsiders point of view, he seemed like a real guiding light and a generous musician.

Yeah, Mieszko was very easy to work with. He knew this kind of music very well and came up with a lot of ideas and stuff. And he was a really nice guy in private life, if you know what I mean...

Adde's drumming on this disc is definitely a highlight; who inspires him musically? And as a follow up, can he pull off singing and drumming that intensely live?

I am Adde so have to say thanks for the nice words. I used to get a lot of inspiration. In the early days it was Pete Sandoval, Dave Lombardo and Gene Hoglan. Nowadays, I don't get so much inspiration. It seems like all bands try to play as fast as possible, and everybody just listen to the drummer. I want it all, you know. Good riffs and catchy drums. Fast and heavy.

I'm guessing that Birdflesh, Sayyadina, and General Surgery are all still alive and kicking; is it difficult juggling involvement in several different bands along with a regular job, social life, etc.?

Well, sometimes the bands scheduels collide but we try to plan everything as good as possible. Sometimes you don't have anything to do, and sometimes you are totally stressed out. But there are no problems with jobs and social life. I think I work too much anyway, ha ha!

Grind seemed to have so much potential at first (I'm thinking of the first time I heard Terrorizer, Repulsion, Napalm Death and how it was by far the most incredible noise I'd ever heard) and now the scene has been around for almost 15 years. Do you think the scene's lived up to its potential?

I think the scene is almost fed up with shitty bands. I mean, in the beginning almost every band that came up knew how to play and to make good songs. Nowadays it's easier to put out an album, so every band can do it. Maybe that's why so many bands suck. I don't mean that my band is the best in the world... but .. You know what I mean.

I've always been impressed by the sheer diversity of the Swedish music scene; and the talent pool appears to be very deep, with plenty of young musicians coming along. Is it too much time indoors? Something in the water? Why does Sweden have so much freaking talent?

That's a very good but hard question. I don't know. In Sweden we have pretty good support from our schools and stuff. The kids can borrow instruments for free and learn how to play when they are in school. Maybe that is one of the reasons. I don't know what else to say.

Playing in Europe is obviously easier on the band than playing in North/South America or Asia; and yet, there are lots of world wide grind fans. Of course I'd like to see Jigsore Terror headlining a World Wide Domination Tour, full scale stage show, buckets of gore, naked women and chainsaws, etc. If you could pull it off, would such a spectacle appeal to you?

Oh yeah!! I love to play and if I get the chance to go on a good tour, I'd love to! Of course in full scale with the women and gore, ha ha! Hopefully we can go on tour soon. In Europe for a start and then US and Asia would be awsome.

The guitar work on "World End Carnage" really turned my head; Tobbe really lets it rip, but without indulging in "guitar histrionics". His solos are right to the point. Is it hard to balance the desire to show off vs. staying within the context of the Jigsore Terror concept?

No, I don't think so. This band is just about having fun, playing some grind and drink some beers. If Tobbe wants to show off he can do it. But I don't think he can because he is too old and tired. It would look fun though.

Obviously, you guys like old school grind, and Jigsore Terror has a retrospective feel to it; does playing in this band allow you to indulge in musical ideas that might not go over so well in your other bands?

I play in Birdflesh as well, and we can put whatever we want in that band. We only have one rule in Jigsore Terror: the riff has to be stolen from another band, ha ha!!! No, really.. As I said, this band is just about having fun. If we come up with a good riff we just go from there and we'll see what happens.

Grindcore fans may not be too numerous (even within the metal underground) but they can be ferociously faithful. Could a band like Jigsore Terror (or any other fine grind act) make the leap out of the underground and retain the fan base? Or is the music too caustic to catch the public ear?

It's very hard to be a "big" band today. And I'm not sure that the grindbands want that. At least not me. I'm happy if some people buy our record. If I can go on a tour and play at some festivals around the world, I'm happy. But of course if I could get enough money to stop working I woudn't say no. But I won't sell my ass.

Dan Swano...the man is so talented. How did you meet up with him and how did he come to contribute vocals on the one track?

Dan lives in the same town as we recorded the album. He and Mieszko were good friends. So we just asked him if he wanted to do some guest vocals. No problem, he said and came by for like 10 minutes. He is really cool.

Hampus has a distinctive touch on the bass, and in a three piece, there's no place to hide. And thankfully, the bass isn't buried in the mix. Conscious decision, or is that just how it turned out?

The creds go to Mieszko for the sound of the album. He knew how it should sound so that's how it turned out. I like it when you actually can hear the bass.

Are you guys fans of horror films? Any favorites?

At least I am. The other two guys are too scared. I like a lot of Asian movies. Some of my favorites are Ju-on, A Tale of Two Sisters, Dark Water and Kairo/Pulse.

All three of you have been, or are presently, involved in bands making some of the more interesting music of the last few years in the metal scene. Level with us, guys: you're all a bunch of evil geniuses from another planet come to conquer puny mankind, right?

Ha ha ha... Thank's dude! Of course we are from another planet. It's called Grindmyassus. Then I guess we should continue doing music in the way we do it right now. You're crazy!!

Okay, last question. Project into the future for us: What's going to become of Jigsore Terror in the next few years?

I will be happy if we manage to make enough songs for a new album. I hope we can play some shows and meet crazy guys like you and have some beers.

Thanks a lot for this interview. Cheers!!

Okay, thanks for playing along, Adde! Again, I appreciate you taking the time. Can't wait to hear what comes next out of the open, festering wound that is Jigsore Terror, those purveyours of fine grind from Planet Grindmyassus who will conquer the Evil Corporate Galactic Overlords and feed the remains to a pit full of celebrity poodles!