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A Day to Fall Dying Day Independent Release 2006
A Gruesome Find Of Blood and Nobility Independent Release 2007
The Fire That Burns in Hell Vile Art Records 2003
A Long Winter Breathing Underwater Tribunal Records 2003
A Perfect Murder War of Aggression Victory Records 2007
Rehearsal Cyclop Media 2005
Strength Through Vengeance Victory Records 2005
Rehearsal Cyclop Media 2005
Unbroken Victory Records 2004
A Second from the Surface The Streets Have Eyes This Dark Reign 2007
A Static Lullaby ...And Don't Forget to Breathe Ferret Records 2003
A18 Dear Furious Victory Records 2004
Aarni Bathos Firedoom Music 2005
Abaddon Incarnate Nadir Sentinel Records 2002
Abed The Coming of Soon Independent Release 2006
Abeyance Experience is the Words That Are Written Crash Music 2005
Abhorrence Evoking the Abomination Evil Vengeance Records 2001
Abigail Williams Legend Candlelight Records 2007
Abigail's Mercy Salvation Casket Music 2005
Abigor Channeling the Quintessence of Satan Napalm Records 1999
Opus IV Napalm Records 1996
Ablaze in Hatred Deceptive Awareness Firebox Records 2006
Closure of Life Demo 2005
Ablaze My Sorrow The Plague No Fashion Records 1997
If Emotions Still Burn No Fashion Records 1995
Abominant Triumph of the Kill Deathgasm Records 2006
Upon Black Horizons Deathgasm Records 2002
Abominator The Eternal Conflagration Displeased Records 2006
Subversives for Lucifer Osmose Productions 2002
Aborted Slaughter & Apparatus : A Methodical Overture Century Media 2007
The Archaic Abattoir Olympic Recordings 2005
The Haematobic EP Listenable Records 2004
Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done Listenable Records 2003
Aborym Fire Walk With Us Mercenary Musik 2001
Abruptum Evil Genius Southern Lord 2007
Abscess Damned and Mummified Red Stream 2004
Through the Cracks of Death Peaceville Records 2002
Absent Society The Plastic Parade Independent Release 2005
Absidia Morphology of Fear (split w/ Six Reasons to Kill) Bastardized Recordings 2004
Absolute Steel Womanizer Black Lotus Records 2006
Absolution The Remission of Sin Demo 2005
Absonus Noctis Penumbral Inorgantia Wraith Productions 2005
Absorbed Visions in Bloodred Resuscitate Records 2002
Absu Mythological Occult Metal: 1991-2001 Osmose Productions 2005
Tara Olympic Recordings 2002
Abysmal Dawn From Ashes Crash Music 2006
Abysmal Torment Incised Wound Suicide Demo 2004
Accursed Dawn Manifest Damnation (The Creation Affect) Pop Faction Records 2005
Accurst A Phantom's Noctuary Serpene Heli Music Collective 2007
Acheron Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood Black Lotus Records 2003
Tribute to the Devil's Music Black Lotus Records 2003
Acid Ape Fleshspa Lunasound 2003
Acrid Eighty-Sixed Dirty Kidz Records 1997
Across Tundras Dark Songs of the Prairie Crucial Blast Records 2006
Act of Gods Stench of Centuries Osmose Productions 2004
Adamanter The Shadow Miror Black Lotus Records 2003
Adonis Decay Messenger 2007
Adore Miridia Adore Miridia Goodbye Blue Skies Records 2004
Adumus Promo 2002 Demo 2002
Besieging Abominations Demo 2001
Infinite Battles for Imortality Demo 1999
Aenima Never Fragile Independent Release 2002
Aeon Rise to Dominate Century Media 2007
Aeternitas La Danse Macabre Serpina Records 2004
Aeternus Burning the Shroud Hammerheart Records 2000
Aeturnus Dominion Semper Tyranis Grindhead Records 2006
After All The Vermin Breed Locomotive Records 2007
After Forever Invisible Circles Transmission Records 2004
Exordium The End Records 2004
Agalloch The White EP Vendlus Records 2008
Ashes Against the Grain The End Records 2006
The Mantle The End Records 2002
Agathocles Mincer Displeased Records 2006
Agathodaimon Serpent's Embrace Nuclear Blast Records 2004
Age of Ruin Black Sands of the Hourglass Tribunal Records 2004
Autumn Lanterns Tribunal Records 2002
Age of Silence Complications The End Records 2005
Acceleration The End Records 2004
Agents of Man Count Your Blessings Century Media 2005
Aggression A.D. Forgotten Skeleton Great White North 2004
Agnostic Front Working Class Heroes I Scream Records 2007
Warriors 2007
Another Voice Nuclear Blast Records 2004
Agony Apocalyptic Dawning Disconcert Music 2007
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Frozen Corpse Stuffed with Dope Relapse Records 2002
Ahab The Call of the Wretched Sea Napalm Records 2006
Aina Days of Rising Doom - The Metal Opera 2004
Airged L'amh The Silver Arm Black Lotus Records 2004
Ajattara Kuolema Spikefarm Records 2003
Akercocke Antichrist Earache Records 2007
Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone Earache Records 2005
Choronzon Earache Records 2003
The Goat of Mendes Peaceville Records 2001
Alabama Thunderpussy Open Fire Relapse Records 2007
Fulton Hill Relapse Records 2004
Alan Davey Captured Rotation 2008
Alarum Eventuality Willowtip Records 2004
Promo 2002 Demo 2002
Alchemist Tripsis 2007
Austral Alien Relapse Records 2003
Organasm Relapse Records 2002
Aleister C Struggle For Life Demo 2002
Alestorm Captain Morgan's Revenge Napalm Records 2008
Aletheian Dying Vine Hope Prevails Productions 2005
Aliengates Dark Days Quantum Independent Release 2001
All Else Failed This Never Happened Abacus Recordings 2004
Archetype Now Or Never 2001
All In Vain The Backside of Humanity Demo 2002
All is Suffering The Past: Vindictive Sadism of Petty Bureaucrats Crucial Blast Records 2002
All Out War Condemned to Suffer Victory Records 2003
All Shall Perish Hate.Malice.Revenge Nuclear Blast Records 2005
All That Remains Behind Silence and Solitude Metal Blade 2002
Allegiance Hymns of Blod WWIII Music 2003
Allerjen Resurrection Sonic Wave International 2006
Allfather Bringer of the Tides of Disorder Independent Release 2000
Allhelluja Inferno Museum Scarlet Records 2005
Almah Edu Falashi Candlelight Records 2007
Almost is Nothing Wings of Deliverance Independent Release 2008
Ways to Spend the End of Days Independent Release 2007
Altere Pieces of I Independent Release 2006
... Independent Release 2006
My Blood, My Tears Demo 2004
Aluk Todolo Descension 2007
Amaran Pristine in Bondage Listenable Records 2003
A World Depraved Listenable Records 2002
Amber Asylum Still Point Profound Lore Records 2007
Amber Tears Revelation of Renounced Stygian Crypt Production 2006
Amen Gun of a Preacher Man Snapper Music 2005
American Heritage Bipolar Escape Artist Records 2004
American Tragedy Split w/As I Lay Dying Pluto Records 2002
Ammit Hammer of Darkness Full Moon Productions 2005
Amoebic Dystenery Hospice Orgy Deathgasm Records 2006
Amon Amarth With Oden on Our Side Metal Blade 2006
Versus the World Metal Blade 2002
The Crusher Metal Blade 2001
The Avenger Metal Blade 1999
Among the Decayed A Perfect Day for Terror Death Hatchet Records 2005
Amoral Decrowning Candlelight Records 2006
Desolate Demo 2002
Amorphis Silent Waters Nuclear Blast Records 2007
Eclipse Nuclear Blast Records 2006
Far from the Sun Nuclear Blast Records 2004
Am Universum Relapse Records 2001
Tales from the Thousand Lakes Relapse Records 1993
The Karelian Isthmus Relapse Records 1992
Anaal Nathrakh Domine Non Es Dignus Season of Mist 2004
The Codex Necro Mordgrimm Records 2001
Anal Stench Red Revolution Metal Mind Records 2008
Anal Vomit Demoniac Flagellations Displeased Records 2004
Anarchy-X The Queensryche Tribute Demo 2003
Anata The Conductor's Departure Earache Records 2006
Under a Stone With No Inscription Wicked World 2004
Dreams of Death and Dismay Relapse Records 2001
Anathema A Natural Disaster Koch Music 2003
Resonance II Peaceville Records 2002
Ancient Night Visit Metal Blade 2004
Ancient Rites Dim Carcosa Hammerheart Records 2002
And Oceans Cypher Century Media 2002
A.M.G.O.D. Century Media 2001
Andromeda Extension of the Wish War Music 2001
II = I Century Media 2000
Angel A Woman's Diary - Chapter 1 Black Lotus Records 2005
Angel Blake Angel Blake Metal Blade 2006
Angelcorpse Of Lucifer and Lightning Osmose Productions 2007
The Inexorable Olympic Recordings 1999
Anger Mgmt. Anger Mgmt. Demo 2002
Angizia Die Kemenaten Scharlachroter Licther Napalm Records 1997
Angra Aurora Consurgens SPV 2006
Rebirth SPV 2002
Angra Mainyu Split w/Xasthur Total Holocaust Records 2004
Angtoria God Has a Plan for Us All Listenable Records 2006
Anhkrehg Against You All... Galy Records 2004
Anima Nera Anima Nera Independent Release 2003
Animals Killing People Human Hunting Season Goregiastic Records 2004
Animosity Animal Metal Blade 2008
Empires Metal Blade 2005
Shut it Down Tribunal Records 2003
Annihilator Metal 2008
All For You AFM Records 2004
Anodyne Lifetime of Gray Skies Level-Plane Records 2004
Anonymus Chapter Chaos Begins Galy Records 2006
Daemonium MPV Records 2003
Anorexia Nervosa Redemption Process Listenable Records 2004
Ansur Axiom Candlelight Records 2006
Antaeus De Principii Evangelikum Osmose Productions 2002
Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan Baphomet Records 1999
Antares Made in Fear Independent Release 2004
Antarktis Utopia Self Destruction Demo 2006
Anthrax We've Come for You All Sanctuary Records 2003
State Of Euphoria Island 1988
Antichrisis Perfume Napalm Records 2002
Antigama Nyla+Antigama 2007
Zeroland Selfmadegod Records 2005
Discomfort Selfmadegod Records 2005
Antimatter Planetary Confinement The End Records 2005
Lights Out The End Records 2003
Saviour The End Records 2002
Antiquus Eleutheria Cruz Del Sur Music 2006
Apeiron Endternity Demo 2002
Aphasia Arcane in Thalassa Independent Release 2001
Aphotic Failure Independent Release 2006
To Find New Darkness Cursed Productions 2005
Stillness Grows Flood the Earth 2004
Under Veil of Dark Flood the Earth 2001
Aphotic Flood the Earth 2000
Apiary Lost in Focus Ironclad Recordings 2006
Apnea Off the Beaten Path 2000
Apocalyptic Visions Doomsday Device Independent Release 2006
Apocalyptica Reflections Nuclear Blast Records 2005
Apostasy Cell 666 Black Mark 2003
Apostle of Solitude Embraced By The Black Independent Release 2006
Apostolum Anedonia Moribund Records 2007
Apparition Drowned in Questions Casket Music 2006
Arachnes Primary Fear Scarlet Records 2003
Arallu The Demon from the Ancient World Epidemie Records 2006
Arcana Coelestia Ubi Secreta Colunt Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation 2007
Arcanar Dusty Lord Stygian Crypt Production 2006
Arch Enemy Rise of the Tyrants 2007
Doomsday Machine Century Media 2005
Dead Eyes See No Future Century Media 2004
Anthems of Rebellion Century Media 2003
Wages Of Sin Century Media 2002
Burning Japan Toy's Factory 2000
Burning Bridges Century Media 1999
Stigmata Century Media 1998
Black Earth Regain Records 1996
Archaean Harmony Nihility Mundane Soul Solemn Music 2000
Architect All is Not Lost 2007
Arcturus The Sham Mirrors The End Records 2002
Argharus Sonitus Caeli Ardentis Ledo Takas Records 2007
Aria As if Forever Really Exists Tribunal Records 2002
Arise and Ruin The Final Dawn Victory Records 2007
Arkhon Infaustus Perdition Insanabilis Red Stream 2004
Armageddon Crossing the Rubicon War Music 1997
Ars Macabra Daemonolatria Hypnotica Independent Release 2004
Arsis We Are the Nightmare Nuclear Blast Records 2008
United in Regret Willowtip Records 2006
A Diamond for Disease Willowtip Records 2005
A Celebration of Guilt Willowtip Records 2004
2002 Demo Demo 2002
2001 Demo Demo 2001
Arson Anthem Arson Anthem 2007
Arsonists Get All the Girls The Game of Life Century Media 2007
Art of Darkness Mind Suicide Independent Release 2002
Art of Simplicity Caught In this Iless Storm Burning Star Records 2007
Artery Eruption Gouging Out Eyes of Mutilated Infants Goregiastic Records 2006
Artisian Lament for the Eternal Frost Casket Music 2006
Arum Inhuman Echoes from the Shadows Killzone Records 2004
As All Die Victory Flood the Earth 2006
As Hope Dies Legions Bow to a Faceless God Undecided Records 2003
Birthplace and Burial Site Undecided Records 2002
As I Lay Dying Frail Words Collapse Metal Blade 2003
Split w/American Tragedy Pluto Records 2002
As It Burns Inferno Independent Release 2000
Obsolete Prophecies Demo 1999
As Light Dies A Step Through the Reflection Mondongo Canibale Records 2006
As the Sun Sets 7744 Undecided Records 2002
Asbestosdeath Dejection/Unclean 2007
Asgaroth Red Shift Peaceville Records 2003
Asguard Dreamslave This Dark Reign 2005
Wikka Devil Doll Records 2005
Black Fire Land This Dark Reign 2005
Asherah Boutros Makes The Bed Inner Strength 2003
Ashes to Ashes Cardinal VII DVS Records 2002
Ashes you Leave Fire Morbid Music 2002
Ashram Shining Silver Skies Equilibrium Music 2006
Asmegin Hin Vordende Sod & So Napalm Records 2003
Asrai Touch in the Dark Transmission Records 2004
Astarte Sirens Magick Records 2005
Asterius A Moment of Singularity Cruz Del Sur Music 2003
Astral Filicetum Lunare WWIII Music 2001
Astriaal Renascent Misanthropy Aftermath Music 2004
Astroqueen Into Submission Pavement 2001
Asunder Works Will Come Undone Profound Lore Records 2006
At all Cost It's Time to Decide Combat Records 2005
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul Earache Records 1995
Terminal Spirit Disease Peaceville Records 1994
With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness Peaceville Records 1993
The Red in the Sky is Ours Peaceville Records 1991
At The Throne Of Judgment The Arcanum Order Rise Records 2007
At Vance The Evil in You AFM Records 2003
Atakhama Existence Indifferent Woodcut Records 2006
Athela Reliance Demo 2003
Atheretic Apocalyptic Nature Fury Galy Records 2006
Atreyu A Death Grip On Yesterday Victory Records 2006
The Curse Victory Records 2004
Atrocity Werk 80 II Napalm Records 2008
Atlantis Napalm Records 2004
Atrophy Socialized Hate [reissue] Metal Mind Records 2007
Violent By Nature [reissue] Metal Mind Records 2007
Audiopain The Switch to Turn Off Mankind 2007
Contagious [reissue] Vendlus Records 2005
1986 [reissue] Vendlus Records 2005
Audrey Horne No Hay Banda Candlelight Records 2005
Augury Concealed Galy Records 2004
Aurora Borealis Time, Unveiled Nightsky Productions 2002
Northern Lights Diehard 2001
Autumn Black Wings Stygian Crypt Production 2005
Autumn's End Act of Attrition Hammermill Records 2006
Avalon II Fractal 2002
Avantasia The Metal Opera Pt. II Century Media 2002
Avenged Sevenfold City of Evil Warner Brothers 2005
Averse Sefira Advent Parallax 2008
Avichi The Divine Tragedy Numen Malevolum Barathri 2007
Avidost A Silent Masquerade Demo 2002
Avulsed Gorespattered Suicide Metal Age Productions 2005
Yearning for the Grotesque Avantgarde Music 2003
Bloodcovered Independent Release 2001
Stabwound Orgasm WWIII Music 2001
Cybergore Repulse Records 1998
Eminence in Putrescence Repulse Records 1996
Carnivoracity Repulse Records 1995
Axamenta Ever Arch-I-Tech-Ture Shiver Records 2006
Codex Barathri LSP Company 2002
Axel Rudi Pell Diamonds Unlocked SPV 2007
Axemaster Blessing in the Skies Burning Star Records 1987
Axis of Advance Obey Red Stream 2004
The List Osmose Productions 2002
Ayreon 01011001 2008
The Human Equation Inside Out America 2004
Azrael Into Shadows, Act II : Through Horned Shadows Glimpse Moribund Records 2004
Azure King of Stars - Bearer of Dark Deathgasm Records 2006