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Gaia Epicus Symphony of Glory Sound Riot Records 2005
Satrap Sound Riot Records 2004
Gamma Ray Land of the Free II 2008
Gandalf Rock Hell Wicked World 2001
Ganon In the Dead of Sleep Acerbic Noise Development 2006
Garden of Shadows Oracle Moon Wicked World 2000
Gardenian Sindustries Nuclear Blast Records 2000
Soulburner Nuclear Blast Records 1999
Gaza I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die Blackmarket Activities 2006
Gemini Five Babylon Rockets Wild Kingdom 2003
General Surgery General Surgery/The County Medical Examiners Split Razorback Records 2003
Generous Maria Command of the New Rock Lunasound 2003
Genghis Tron Cloak of Love Crucial Blast Records 2004
Genocide Apocalypric Visions 2007
Genocide SS We Are Born of Hate Relapse Records 2002
Gentlemens Pistols Gentlemens Pistols Candlelight Records 2007
Gerbe of Life Split w/Repudiate Skull Fucked Productions 2002
Gezoleen Black Spaces Between Stars Acerbic Noise Development 2006
Ghost Machinery Haunting Remains Sound Riot Records 2004
Ghost Orgy Lullabies for Lunatics Thoth Music 2005
Ghoul Splatterthrash Razorback Records 2006
Maniaxe Razorback Records 2003
We Came for the Dead!!! Razorback Records 2002
Ghoulunatics Cryogenie Galy Records 2006
Giant Squid Metridium Field The End Records 2006
Given With Honor The New Beginning is Gone Independent Release 2004
Gizmachi The Imbuing Sanctuary Records 2005
Glass Casket Desperate Man's Diary Abacus Recordings 2006
We Are Gathered Here Today... Abacus Recordings 2003
Glorior Belli Manifesting the Raging Beast Southern Lord 2007
Gnostic Hatewar 666 Infernus Rex 2006
Goatfire Fiendish Ruminations Total Holocaust Records 2004
Goatsblood Drull Willowtip Records 2003
Goatwhore A Haunting Curse Metal Blade 2006
Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun Rotten Records 2004
God Dethroned The Toxic Touch Metal Blade 2006
The Lair of the White Worm Metal Blade 2004
Into the Lungs of Hell Metal Blade 2003
Ravenous Metal Blade 2001
Bloody Blasphemy Metal Blade 1999
The Grand Grimoire Metal Blade 1997
God Forbid Gone Forever Century Media 2004
Better Days Century Media 2003
Determination Century Media 2001
Godflesh Messiah Relapse Records 2003
Hymns Koch Music 2002
In All Languages Earache Records 2001
Us and Them Earache Records 1999
Love and Hate in Dub Earache Records 1997
Songs of Love and Hate Earache Records 1996
Selfless Earache Records 1994
Merciless Earache Records 1994
Pure Earache Records 1992
Cold World Earache Records 1991
Slavestate Earache Records 1990
Streetcleaner Earache Records 1989
Godflesh Earache Records 1988
Godless Rising Battle Lords Moribund Records 2007
Rising Hatred Pathos Productions 2006
Godless Truth Arrogance of Supreme Power Lacerated Enemy 2004
Gods I See You Through Glass Hand of Hope Records 2005
Gojira From Mars to Sirius Prosthetic Records 2006
Golden Dawn Masquerade Napalm Records 2002
Golem Dreamweaver Nuclear Blast Records 2004
Good Clean Fun Between a Christian Rock and a Hard Place Equal Vision Records 2006
Gooseflesh Chemical Garden Digital Dimension 1999
Gordian Knot Emergent Sensory Records 2003
Goreality Disassembling the Human Form (split w/ Clitorture) Pathos Productions 2006
Gorelord Norwegain Chainsaw Massacre Red Stream 2006
Force Fed on Human Flesh Baphomet Records 2001
Gorephagia Split w/ Beautician Brutalized Records 2006
Gorerotted A New Dawn for the Dead Metal Blade 2005
Only Tools and Corpses Metal Blade 2003
Mutilated in Minutes Dead Again Records 2000
Goresoerd Goremarket Mid-Prices Nailboard Records 2007
Goretrade Perception of Hate Displeased Records 2006
Ritual of Flesh Displeased Records 2003
Gorgasm Masticate to Dominate Sampler Independent Release 2003
Gorgoroth Antichrist (Re-issue) 2007
Under the Sign of Hell (Re-issue) 2007
Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam Candlelight Records 2006
Incipit Satan Nuclear Blast Records 2000
Gorguts The Erosion of Sanity [reissue] Metal Mind Records 2007
Considered Dead [reissue] Metal Mind Records 2007
...And Then Comes Lividity/Demo Anthology Galy Records 2003
From Wisdom To Hate Olympic Recordings 2001
Gorod Leading Vision Willowtip Records 2006
Neurotripsicks Willowtip Records 2005
Goryptic From Blast to Collapse Independent Release 2007
Demo 2005 Demo 2006
Gotha Take Your Soul Demo 2002
Graboids Infinite Delay Stickfigure 2007
Graf Orlock Destination Time Tomorrow Level-Plane Records 2007
Destination Time Yesterday Level-Plane Records 2006
Grails Burning Off Impurities Temporary Residence Ltd. 2007
Grand Alchemist Intervening Coma Celebration Sound Riot Records 2002
Grand Belial's Key Judeobeast Assassination Moribund Records 2002
Grand Magus Wolf's Return Candlelight Records 2005
Grave As Rapture Comes Century Media 2006
Fiendish Regression Century Media 2004
Back from the Grave Century Media 2003
Soulless Century Media 1994
You'll Never See... Century Media 1992
Grave Digger The Last Supper Nuclear Blast Records 2005
Rheingold Nuclear Blast Records 2003
Graveworm Collateral Defect Nuclear Blast Records 2007
Engraved in Black Nuclear Blast Records 2003
Grayceon Grayceon Vendlus Records 2007
Grayscale When the Ghosts are Gone Sound Riot Records 2002
Green Carnation The Quiet Offspring The End Records 2005
A Blessing in Disguise Season of Mist 2003
Light of Day, Day of Darkness The End Records 2002
Greenfly Globalization Demo 2002
Greenwood Horus on the Horizon 12th Planet 2001
Grenouer Try Independent Release 2005
Border of Misty Times Metalism Records 2005
Grey Skies Fallen Two Way Mirror Xanthros Music 2006
Grief of Emerald Christian Termination Listenable Records 2002
Grieving the Days to Come The Unsaid Everything Tribunal Records 2002
Grima Morstua Illustratio per horribilem obscuritatem Drakkar Productions 2007
Grimbane Let the Empires Fall 2008
Grimfist 10 Steps to Hell Candlelight Records 2005
Ghouls of Grandeur Candlelight Records 2003
Grimm Heksenkringen Displeased Records 2007
Grimness Increase Humanity Disgust Independent Release 2005
Gruesome Stuff Relish Split w/Engorged Last House on the Right 2004
Gurtholfinn The Forest of Long Awaiting Independent Release 2007
Gut Shrubbery Independent Release 2006
Guttural Secrete Reek of Pubescent Despoilment Unmatched Brutality Records 2006
Artistic Creations with Cranial Stumps Unmatched Brutality Records 2004
Gwynbleidd Amaranthine Independent Release 2006
GZR Ohmwork Sanctuary Records 2005