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V.L.E. Book of Illusions, Chapters 1 & 2 Demo 2002
V:28 VioLution...choking on black liquid death... 2007
Soul Saviour Vendlus Records 2005
NonAnthropogenic Vendlus Records 2003
Vader Lead Us! (EP) 2008
The Art of War Candlelight Records 2006
Impressions in Blood Regain Records 2006
Blood Metal Blade 2003
Reign Forever World Metal Blade 2001
Armageddon The End Records 2001
Valume Nob The Most High Crash Music 2004
Vampire Moose Vampire Moose Rotten Records 2004
Vanessa Van Basten La Stanza di Swedenborg Noisecult 2007
Vanna Curses Epitaph 2007
Vanquished Black Northern Storm Krankenhaus Records 2005
Various Artists Thrashing Like a Maniac Earache Records 2008
Pagan Fire Nuclear Blast Records 2008
Synaesthesia: The Requiem Reveries Vendlus Records 2007
Something Worth Fighting For Facedown Records 2007
....And Back to Earth Again: Ten Years of MeteorCity Meteor City 2007
Death Cult Moribund Records 2007
The End Records: Alternate Endings The End Records 2006
Buckets of Blood, Volume 2 Bloodbucket Productions 2006
Metal Ostentation, Volume 7 Enclave Productions 2006
Akompilation Vol. 1 Akom Productions 2006
Underground Metal Compilation, Vol. I Acid Victim Records 2006
Metal Message, Vol. III Metal Message Records 2006
Kingdom of Glory, Volume 1 Enclave Productions 2006
Akompilation Vol. 2 Akom Productions 2006
Eternal Frost Records Underground Metal Promotions : Compilation Disc, Volume II Eternal Frost Records 2005
10 Ways to Split Thy Skull Independent Release 2005
Listen or Post Abacus Recordings 2005
Armageddon Over Wacken : Live 2004 Magick Records 2005
Rainbow Six : Lockdown Soundtrack Calvin Records 2005
Hollywood Rocks! (preview) Cleopatra Records 2005
Voices from the Arctic Circle Arctic Music Group 2004
Doom Capital: Maryland/DC Heavy Rock Underground Crucial Blast Records 2004
Blood, Sweat, and Ten Years Trustkill 2004
Shrouded in Silent Omens Independent Release 2004
Tribunal Records: Past, Present, Future Tribunal Records 2004
Fenriz Presents: The Best of Old-School Black Metal Peaceville Records 2004
As the Sun Burns Killzone Records 2004
Counter Attack Beer City 2003
Disturbing Summer 2004: A Displeased Records Compilation Displeased Records 2003
Face Your Underground, Volume 1 Independent Release 2003
(This is) Solid State Vol. 4 Solid State 2003
Neoblast Compilation 3 -- Blast from the Underworld Neoblast 2003
Japanese Assault Relapse Records 2003
A Tribute to the Beast, Vol. 2 Nuclear Blast Records 2003
A Tribute to the Four Horsemen Nuclear Blast Records 2003
Identity 8 Century Media 2003
Uncorrupted Steel 2 Metal Blade 2003
Stab.Fuck.Kill Deepsend Records 2003
Split Your Guts, Volume I Deepsend Records 2003
At the End of Infinity The End Records 2003
Splitsville, Vol. 1: Supersuckers/Electric Frankenstein The Music Cartel 2002
A Tribute to the Beast Nuclear Blast Records 2002
Contaminated 5.0 Relapse Records 2002
A Testament to Broken Walls Backroad Records 2002
Contaminated 5.0 Relapse Records 2002
A Tribute to the Scorpions Nuclear Blast Records 2001
Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000 Nuclear Blast Records 2001
Requiems of Revulsion: A Tribute to Carcass Deathvomit Records 2001
Sepulchral Feast Century Media 2001
Metal Dreams : Volume 3 Nuclear Blast Records 2001
Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000 Nuclear Blast Records 2001
Soundcrusher (Vol. 1) Listenable Records 2000
Brazilian Assault Relapse Records 2000
Visionaries of the Macabre, Volume 2 : An Evil Elite Lost Disciple Records 2000
Statements of Intent Wicked World 1999
War Dance Relapse Records 1998
W.A.R. Compilation - Volume 1 Wrong Again Records 1995
Vassago Knights From Hell No Fashion Records 2002
Vaux Plague Music Equal Vision Records 2004
Vehemence Helping the World to See Metal Blade 2004
God Was Created Metal Blade 2002
Veil of Maya All Things Set Aside Corrosive Recordings 2006
Velocity Freedom Black Lotus Records 2003
Vengeful Karma Disconcert Music 2007
Venom Metal Black Sanctuary Records 2006
Verbal Abuse Just an American Band Beer City 2003
Verdunkeln Einblick in den Qualenfall 2007
Verse and Radiation Along the Celestial Ruins Acerbic Noise Development 2006
Versus the Mirror Home Equal Vision Records 2006
Vesania Distractive Killusions 2007
God the Lux Napalm Records 2005
Vespers Descent Visions in Verse Prime Cuts 2006
Via Mistica Under My Eyelids Metal Mind Records 2006
Vicious Vile, Vicious and Victorius Sound Riot Records 2004
Vicious Art Fire Falls and the Waiting Waters Candlelight Records 2005
Victor Bravo Shut Out the Sky Independent Release 2006
Vile The New Age of Chaos Unique Leader [US] 2005
Village of Dead Roads Human Failures [split w/ Spiritu] Meteor City 2006
Dwelling in Doubt Meteor City 2006
Vinterriket Und Die Nacht Kam Schweren Schrittes [reissue] Displeased Records 2007
Lichtschleier [reissue] Displeased Records 2007
Lichtschleier Flood the Earth 2006
Winterschatten Flood the Earth 2005
Der Letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit Entgegen Flood the Earth 2005
Split w/ Northaunt Flood the Earth 2005
Vintersorg Solens Rotter Napalm Records 2007
The Focusing Blur Napalm Records 2004
Till Fjalls Napalm Records 2001
Cosmic Genesis Napalm Records 2001
Virgin Black Elegant...and Dying The End Records 2003
Sombre Romantic The End Records 2002
Virus 7 Sick in the Head Metal Blade 2000
Vision Divine The Perfect Machine Scarlet Records 2006
Visions of Atlantis Trinity Napalm Records 2007
Cast Away Napalm Records 2004
Visions of the Night Envisioning the New Age Independent Release 2002
Vital Remains Icons of Evil Century Media 2007
Dechristianize Century Media 2003
Vittorio Vandelli A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven Equilibrium Music 2004
Vociferian Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum Infernus Rex 2005
Voivod Katorz The End Records 2006
Voivod Chophouse Records 2003
Lives Metal Blade 2000
Kronik Hypnotic Records 1998
Phobos Slipdisc 1998
Negatron Mausoleum Records 1995
The Outer Limits MCA Records 1993
Angel Rat MCA Records 1991
Nothingface 1989
Dimension Hatröss Noise Records 1988
Killing Technology Noise Records 1987
RRRÖÖÖAAARRR Noise Records 1986
War and Pain Metal Blade 1985
Volition Volition Total Rust 2008
Vomitory Primal Massacre Metal Blade 2004
Blood Rapture Metal Blade 2002
Revelation Nausea 2000
Redemption Pavement 1999
Raped in their own Blood Fadeless Records 1996
Von Sirius The Mystical Doktryn of Spiritual Accomplishment Nihil Voces 2005
Vore Maleficus Frozen Solid Music 2006
Vorkuta Into the Chasms of Lunacy Paragon Records 2007
Vortex Imminence of Death Galy Records 2005
Vreid I Krig Candlelight Records 2007
Pitch Black Brigade Tabu Recordings 2006
Kraft Candlelight Records 2004
Vrolok Void Drakkar Productions 2007
Feast of Sacrilgious Impurity 2006
Vulgar Pigeons Imperialism Willowtip Records 2004