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Vomitory, "Redemption"

I don't know what it is about Redemption that makes it such a good listen, but the fact is this album is extremely cool. Sweden's Vomitory play heavy death metal. Their style isn't a breakthrough in a new/innovative sense, they just play really hard, and the music benefits from it. Many of the songs have galloping, fat groove (mind you, still with the fast, low tuned death metal sound), most sound as if Vomitory has been studying old-school punk (a big plus because it adds to the energy of each song), and there are plenty of blast beats and some interesting leads.

Redemption is sparsely packaged: no lyrics, bland cover artwork, and a minimum of information/pictures. The truth is, I am kind of disappointed with Pavement's presentation of this album, but what it does do is force the listener to focus on the most important part of the album; the music. And there's plenty of good music on this disc. Though there are higher points like the solo on "Forty Seconds Bloodbath" or the whole of "Heaps of Blood," most of Redemption cruises along at a mid/fast pace and each track leaves its mark. Some, of course, are better than others but it seems as if the band was thoughtful with their songwriting and chose to exclude anything that wouldn't fit in well on this album. This was a smart move because the continuity of Redemption makes listening to it easier than most other death metal albums around. Though I am still a bit unsure exactly WHY I find this album so good, the fact remains that I think it really is. Recommended for anyone into death metal.

Standout Tracks

   Heaps of Blood
   Forty Seconds Bloodbath
   Embraced by Pain

Peter Johnston