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Vomitory, "Raped in their own Blood"

Sweden's Vomitory is heavy, heavy death metal. Playing old-school influenced music with a myriad of fast songs and blast beats; the band's aim is to cripple everything and everyone. On Vomitory's tough to find debut, Raped In Their Own Blood, we can hear the band's more primitive beginnings. Though many of the songs are clear, well played, stripped down death metal most of them do not have the same engaging flow that later releases have. "Through Sepulchral Shadows" is a good example of the band choosing to be less direct in their songwriting. It isn't a horrible track (it does have a killer lead), it is just less effective in getting their sick and nasty message across. "Pure Death" on the other hand, sounds like it could reside on Redemption because it is focused and simple. The album's ten tracks are grab bag this way: some sound more like Vomitory does now and others seem slightly less focus. I guess the way it boils down is that Raped In Their Own Blood is a good debut effort, but it pales in comparison to their more recent albums.

Standout Tracks

   Pure Death

Peter Johnston