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Behemoth, "Satanica"

Poland's Behemoth on its most recent release, Satanica, serves up a still warm, unspeakably brutal outing of blast beat laden black metal intermixed with death riffs. The resulting music is both catchy and violent, something black metal bands these days often lack. The musical skills of the three piece becomes evident immediately as "Decade of Therion" begins, and they show their wares through the duration of the disc. To paint a picture of what the music sounds like, imagine vocals similar in quality to those of Vader, a rhythm section that is comparable as well, though less often focused on a thrashing groove and more on a controlled hyperblast. Then add in guitars that are more varied. Some of the time the band is definitely playing black metal, and at others, they are competing with Decapitated or Vader for most brutal Polish death band. The opening riff on "Ceremony of Shiva" sounds more like a lead than something the band can carry through the entire song?but they do, and very well. And on "Starspawn" the band engages in some amazing guitar work that makes the song stand out from the others. Add in smooth transitions between tracks, professional packaging and production, and what you have is an album worth quite a bit of time in your CD player.

Standout Tracks

   Ceremony of Shiva
   Decade of Therion
   Chant for ESXHATON 2000

Peter Johnston