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Behemoth, "Thelema.6"

When I was introduced to Behemoth with their previous masterpiece, Satanica, I was floored -- almost unable to comprehend what I was hearing. The music therein was well layered, convincingly performed, and utterly brutal and evil. Behemoth's music on that album was heads above almost all the competition, and their smart melding of black metal and signature Polish death metal was more dynamic than other bands even from their country (which is saying a lot when you consider that Vader and Decapitated are both so damn good). So when I received a promo for the band's new album Thelema.6 I was excited and at the same time worried that the band may not be able to live up to Satanica.

The truth is, the new album begins right where the previous left off, and it is equally good. The opening track "Antichristian Phenomenon" transitions seamlessly between speeding blasts and slow powerful grooves, while "Inflamed With Rage" and "Christians to the Lions" rip and shred with blast beats abounding and relentless guitar work. Other interesting aspects of Thelema.6 include "Pan Satyros" and "Inauguration of Scorpio Dome" for their slightly more careful and intricate approach to the Behemoth sound, and "Vinum Sabbati" because it is the slowest track on the album yet it is just as interesting, and maybe the most evil sounding. All of Thelema.6 is aggressive, evil and tight. Behemoth is a band I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone who enjoys extreme brutality and technical prowess in their metal.

Standout Tracks

   Pan Satyros
   Vinum Sabbati
   The Universe Illumination (Say ?Hello' to My Demons)

Peter Johnston