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Council of the Fallen, "Revealing Damnation"

Council of the Fallen is the unassuming side project of guitarist/vocalist Kevin Quirion, fleshed out by drummer supreme, Derek Roddy [Hate Eternal, Nile, Malevolent Creation, Aurora Borealis, etc.] and bassist/vocalist Sean Baxter [Broken Hope, Em Sinfonia]. They've quietly released an album five years in the making and it's an amazing debut that puts their respective day jobs to shame. Forged of equal parts raw, fiery black metal and primal, sweaty death metal, "Revealing Damnation" simply crushes with a perfect blend of atmosphere, hooks, beats, roars, screams and structural mazes. Slowly descending octave riffs lie comfortably next palm-muted power chords, melodic sections, deep death vocals, high scratch vocals and Roddy's ever-present flow. Council of the Fallen have called back upon their Floridian and Norwegian [musical] roots and written twelve songs that exude darkness and rot with every note, and resonate fallen grace long after the speakers die. Of all the discs I've received lately, Council of the Fallen's has gotten the most spins. It's a dark, beautiful album with both astonishing musicianship and authentic atmosphere so thick you can cut it with a knife. If this one doesn't move you, you're fucking dead.

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