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Napalm Death, "Enemy of the Music Business"
Napalm Death
Enemy of the Music Business
Napalm Death, "Enemy of the Music Business"

From the first tripping, pounding riff of Take the Poison to the brutal simplicity of Fracture in an Equation, Napalm Death puts a firm stranglehold on the listener and displays more vitriol and bile than they've shown in years. Maybe it was getting out of Earache or maybe they felt the younger bands nipping at their heels, but whatever the cause, they are standing up and showing how it's fucking done. Simon Efemy produced this monster and found one of the heaviest ensemble sounds I've ever heard. Every thing just rips and pounds you into submission. The guitar riffs are fast, precise and crushing, sometimes easing into discordant sections or playing off each other to keep the songs from closing in. Barney's singing with more passion and diversity than I've ever heard from him, tossing in shrieks and even some spoken word and Frost-ish "oohs!" on the closer. And what he's singing is impressive as well. The lyric sheet is full of gems, with titles like The Public Gets What the Public Doesn't Want speaking of anger and anti-corporate rage that simmers throughout the background of this album. If there's a complaint here, it's that there are SO many heavy songs that you never get a chance to breathe. Fourteen episodes of such intensity tends to leave you dulled and numb. They could've put ten on here and released an EP six months later and done our ears a favor. But didn't' someone say too much is never enough?

Standout Tracks

   Taste the Poison
   Necessary Evil
   Fracture in the Equation