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Morbid Angel, "Blessed Are the Sick"

Let's just assume you know all about "Blessed Are the Sick" by now, and I don't have to tell you what it sounds like and how influential, important and special it stands in the history of death metal. This review will be a little different, because this album was my christening to all that is truly heavy.

Way back in junior high, I was just learning to play guitar, and listening to lots of Metallica and Black Sabbath when I met a kid named Bob Daniels through a mutual. Bob was into Slayer, played guitar as well, and was a naturally gifted musician, even at the tender age of 15. A few years later, we were going to get something to eat and he popped in a tape. After listening to the atrocious, abrasive and utterly abusive noise pouring out of my crap-ass car stereo for about ten minutes, the tape got turned off and we ordered our burgers.

Bob ended up forgetting his tape in my car, and that noise turned out to be "Blessed Are the Sick". After a couple days, I listened to it out of sheer boredom, and over the course of 13 songs, that tape changed everything for me. Something just clicked, and I understood. The brutality, the beauty, the drumming, the speed, and those was like a bomb going off in my brain, and by the end of the tape, my entire musical world had been completely destroyed.

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that without this band, and without this album in particular, you wouldn't be looking at this site and I'd probably be jamming to "Reload" somewhere in the sticks of Michigan. So, Death Metal Bob, wherever you are - thank you.

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