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Morbid Angel, "Altars of Madness"

The first official release from Morbid Angel was - and is still - fast, vicious, and catchy. Even though most of the Morbid Angel trademarks were established on "Altars of Madness", there were still some rather friendly riffs that seem almost happy. There are several big choruses to latch on to, some sing-along vocal chants and plenty of air guitar potential. All this was coming from the lingering NWOBHM influences attched to Trey's songwriting. Of course, that's not a bad thing at all, as "Altars..." is filled with fast, innovative songs that probably needed that little bit of help and familiarity to make them palatable the metal scene in 1989. It was the first record from a young band, and they made more of it than anyone could've expected.

The real innovation would come just two years later.

Standout Tracks

   Chapel of Ghouls
   Maze of Torment