Monsterworks, "Rogue"
Independent Release
2002, Independent Release
Monsterworks, "Rogue"

Remember when metal had a little thing called, 'energy'? Remember when metal wasn't a bunch of gloom and feigned hatred? Remember screaming along to Rob Halford on "Painkiller"? Well, so do these guys. Monsterworks' music is best described as melodic thrash with a heaping dose of uplifting melody and vocals that go from Judas Preist screaming to death growls in the blink of an eye. "Rogue" is their latest self-released album, and it capitalizes on the ideas they've been developing over the last four albums. The riffs are explosive, the vocals are unique in a good way, and the choruses are anthems, instantly memorable and unshakable. They're placed between verses of rapid fire screams over bombastic drums that build in intensity until it all breaks over into a flood and the inevitable, long, drawn screams. A couple of the twelve songs on "Rogue" could have been cut or salvaged for scrap, but things pretty much rock from start to finish, with "Set Up", "Tomb Spader", "Colossus", "Oblique" and the amazing King Diamond-style vocals on the chorus of "[!?]" being obvious highlights. Monsterworks are doing something very fresh and unique down in New Zealand and even though "Rogue" ain't perfect, it's damn close. Someone, somewhere, please pick up this band and get them in a good studio!

Standout Tracks

   Set Up
   Tomb Spader