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Limbonic Art, "The Ultimate Death Worship"

So this is what all the hype is about... I'd heard Limbonic Art a couple times, and had some tracks from "Ad Noctum," but I'd never really sat down to absorb them. Now that I'm presented with their spectacular new album, "The Ultimate Death Worship," I've gone back and listened to it all with a fresh ear and am amazed at what I hear.

Where "Ad Noctum" was a murky and mysterious affair, filled with passionate music that hit like a modern vision of "In the Nightside Eclipse," "The Ultimate Death Worship," is much cleaner, less mysterious and more direct in its attack. The guitars and overall sound in general are far crisper and more precise, but never get to the sterile precision of Zyklon. The use of lengthy sections of ambience and the occasional sample proves both tasteful and haunting, especially on the opening of "Suicide Commando," which begins with a running commentary about a prisoner being electrocuted before exploding into a massive verse that groans with grim melancholy. The vocals sound a lot like Dark Funeral, with the occasional high-pitch scream to break up the monotony, and, as with all the songs here, this track is lengthy and complex, switching tactics and moods many times before or fading off into the soundscape oblivion of "Purgatorial Agony," and the crushing weight of "Towards the Oblivion of Dreams."

The record continues is similar fashion, sculpting symphonic agony from 1 and 0's and assembling a powerful denial to the oft-repeated claim that black metal is a dead art. Perhaps the best thing about "The Ultimate Death Worship" is that is shows you can create black metal with modern ideas and not turn it into an abortion, which will ultimately mean good things for the genre as a whole.

Standout Tracks

   Suicide Commando
   Towards the Oblivion of Dreams
   Last Rite for the Silent Darkstar