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Descend into Nothingness, "Darkened Reality"
Descend into Nothingness
Darkened Reality
Descend into Nothingness, "Darkened Reality"

In combining brutal death metal with ample old world melody, DIN come off a little like bands such as Anata , Grief of Emerald and Vital Remains, though the bulk of Joel St.Amant's vocals are black rather than death metal. Francois Turgeon has an erratic and staccato style behind the drums, and brings to mind war metal master James Read in his random blasting bursts. Each of the 5 musicians has a chance to display his individual proficiency, yet the songs flow along relatively smoothly, as witnessed in the opening track, "Humanity's Carelessness". The heaviest parts seemed to fall during "Dominated by the Disease", which also contains a very light outro in contrast. "Schizophrenia" has a blackened dissonance to the riffing, which is strong, not that this should surprise one since the 6 string duties are handled by 3 players at once. The translation of the lyrics from French to English seems thin in some spots, but the tales of death and secular thought come through well enough to get you by in a read along. A fine showing by this new Canadian outfit.