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In Thy Dreams, "Gate of Pleasure"
In Thy Dreams
Gate of Pleasure
War Music
1999, War Music
In Thy Dreams, "Gate of Pleasure"

After In Thy Dreams released the Stream of Dispraised Souls EP, I had really, extremely high hopes for the band, maybe artificially high. The reason I say this is because every time I listen to Gate of Pleasure, I am at first awed by the stunning musicianship, and then disappointed that it wasn't better. I think I am just being stupid, though, because the material on this disc is quite skillfully executed and it comes across as hard-hitting and relentless.

The album is on War Music, so the safe assumption that its description will include the words Swedish and melodic in it is accurate. I would categorize In Thy Dreams as black metal with more sensible grooves and choppy blasts than the majority of the bands in the genre. Because of this, however, it sometimes sounds like it could be put in the black/death cross over category, but due to the fluidity of the songs and especially the drums, I think that black metal is a more suitable label. The reason why In Thy Dreams' sound is so enigmatic is because there are some serious deathsters in its ranks, most notably the guitarist, bassist and drummer from Carnal Forge. So of course, the music is rabid and ferocious. It sounds like Carnal Forge trying to play black metal, or more specifically trying to be Naglfar. Though this description seems a bit heartless, you will understand exactly what I mean when you listen to any of the songs on Gate of Pleasure. A worthy release.

Standout Tracks

   A Man of Dreams
   Deadly Desires

Peter Johnston