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sHEAVY, "The Electric Sleep"

Sheavy fucking rules! There's no other way to put it. These Newfoundlanders are the kings of anything and everything in the stoner rock realm. Fuck Monster Magnet, fuck Nebula, in fact, fuck just about every other fuzz-drenched, hard grooving, psychedelic band out there, because if you have heard anything that this group plays, you'll find that the rest of these bands just sound boring. Sheavy's The Electric Sleep, brings us eleven tracks of pure, unadulterated genius coming in the form of funky, fuzzy, utterly rocking perfection that mixes dashes of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin with a pound of weed, a ton of originality and flair for the killer groove, monster jam and sense to make every goddamn song good. Moreover, Steve Hennessey's vocals with their uncanny resemblance to those of Ozzy Osbourne, fit seamlessly into the band's one of a kind sound.

The band's originality comes from their nearly sinister ability write material that makes perfect sense yet isn't too predictable. Some of the tracks on this album are fast (this is relative, in metal they'd be considered mid-paced). "Saving Me" and "Automaton" are unafraid to break the stoner rock speed limit, while the eerie "Oracle" torments the listener for a few minutes of sludge before breaking into it's groove. The opener "Virtual Machine" is unabashed to be neither fast nor slow, but rock hard regardless, and "Savannah" is almost too dramatic, but not quite. The best cut on The Electric Sleep, however, is the title track which plods along, and then just when you are about to move on, Sheavy cuts loose and drops a two-megaton Black Sabbath style riff on you and hits the best groove on the disc (if you don't shit your pants, I'd be surprised). It's glorious, even the second, third, fourth? times you hear it. Shake your ass, bang your head, smoke that bowl, but whatever you do, don't turn The Electric Sleep off.

Standout Tracks

   The Electric Sleep
   Saving Me

Peter Johnston