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Dyngyr, "Demo 2002"
Demo 2002
2002, Demo
Dyngyr, "Demo 2002"

Dyngyr [pronounced: dine-gear] plays a hybrid of American death metal and European black metal. While the music is not without its rewarding moments, the band somehow manages to overshadow the majority of its musical accomplishments with too much unnecessary synth work. For every guitar riff, there are two or three superfluous keyboard parts that completely dominate the music, leaving the twin guitar combo of Kyle and Chris almost unheard throughout the mix. Yet, when the guitars transcend the keyboard boundaries, Dyngyr presents some interesting ideas that I would not mind hearing again. Almost every track on this 5-song demo has an interesting guitar part or two. The acoustic guitar arpeggios on the third track [Names of the songs should be requirements when sending demos - Mike] create a haunting atmosphere, and the thrashy guitar work on the fourth track displays some shredding skills, but then again, Dyngyr's overall compositions rely too much on the keyboards for melodies. I am not trying to be negative of Jeff's synth work, because when if it works, it really works. For example, the odd keyboard melody in the chorus of the first track, the best song on the demo, reminisces some of the synth work on Emperor's Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk. But, compared to other instruments, at least one-third of keyboard input is overwhelming and unnecessary. The majority of these songs are strong enough to be carried by the guitars, bass, and drums, while the keyboards should aid in creating the atmosphere and occasional back up to the guitars, and not subtracting from their role. This said, I could definitely see myself listening and liking Dyngyr in the future. What Dyngyr needs to do now is to eliminate what's unnecessary and build on what's already there.