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M.O.D., "The Rebel You Love to Hate"

What do you say about a band that is so busy making fun of other groups' music that their own material suffers? You chuckle and say "you idiots deserve what you get." M.O.D. on their 2003 album The Rebel You Love to Hate is a glaring example of this, and I don't give a shit that it totally sucks. They got what they deserved. Seriously, these guys try to make fun of nu-metal and rap, and their songs consequently end up sounding like bad nu-metal. Call it karma or whatever you'd like, but it's justice of some sort.

The majority of the album sounds like well-produced, immature and dull-witted hardcore/metal with an occasional foray into nu-metal for the sake of ripping on Rage Against the Machine or who ever else M.O.D. decides they don't like. Why parody music you don't like? It doesn't make it go away, does it? Damn, The Rebel You Love to Hate is a stupid CD.

Peter Johnston