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Le'rue Delashay, "The Law of 8ve"

Not often does one come across an entity as captivating as Le'rue Delashay. While not totally unfamiliar with this one-man project from the member of Theatre of the Macabre and Lorde of all Desires, The Law of 8ve is my first aural introduction to this dark neo-classical entity. Thus, while I am unable to compare this latest output to his previous works, I am happy to say that Le'rue Delashay has added another follower to his side of dark, mysterious art.

What separates Le'rue Delashay from the likes of Mortiis, Ataraxia, and many others is his supremacy in classical composition. Anyone who is remotely familiar with music composition, its nuances and difficulties, will be able to comprehend all the skill displayed in these fourteen tracks. Nevertheless, The Law of 8ve is not perfect. While the album contains its share of misses, there are pieces that send chills down my spine, and for these moments I am grateful for. One particular masterpiece is the piano genius of Initiation to the Flame. Listening to that composition, one cannot resist but to take part in the ravishing imagery created by the composer. The same goes for every song on The Law of 8ve; each track breathes life and possesses its own distinct personality.

What fascinates me about The Law of 8ve is the whole concept behind Le'rue Delashay. The artwork that looks like something out of the book of magic and the fact that there are two track seven's on the album, possibly due to the fact the there is a number 8 in the name of the album, are only a few things to make The Law of 8ve worth further inquiry. Yet, it is the ravishing, enigmatic music that awaits the listener inside that is the real gem. The Law of 8ve creates a perfect soundtrack to the music that one could enjoy late at night or in a rainy weather, but also within the gathering of same-minded people, i.e., rituals. However, it is the impact of The Law of 8ve one those individuals that I am worried about, as the passion and conviction behind every track is so strong that it could lead to some dangerous consequences.

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   All are great