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HavocHate, "This Violent Earth"

Longing for more of that 80's thrash nostalgia? Havochate have bundles of that whether you want it or not. Listening to this pushes the timeframe straight back to the days when Testament, Anthrax, Overkill, Annihilator and Exodus were doing their thing. Looking at the name and descriptions I was almost expecting something more cheesy but thankfully its nowhere close to being excessively cheesy. The vocals have that good 80's thrash for the most part and the clean vocals have the traditional metal tenor style which maybe overdramatic but it works out.

The album starts off with a good kicker with sharp riffs and strong hooks; full of the 80's flavor. And for a while I can say I was really enjoying taking the trip back. However, by the time the band hits When God Dies the tempo dies a bit and I end up drifting off. Whats essential for this band is to retain the tension even on the slower tracks.

The album is full of a lot of great thrash riffs which still sound good and a vocalist that has a fresh sound. But overall there is a sense of redundancy since all this has been done before. Maybe the band needs to turn up the aggression a few notches like the old-school German triad of Sodom, Destruction and Kreator have done with their latest releases. Thrash in the 21st century needs a bit more of the dynamic energy that it used to have in the 80's. No need to change styles but just power up the formula a bit more with maybe a few interesting twists; like the way Witchery brings in a lot of atmosphere that old thrash didn't have.

All in all, This Violent Earth is a decent average thrash release and probably quite a treat for all the thrashers. I'm not a fan of the slower tunes but the faster ones have their sharp moments. I expect them to get nastier on the next one.

Standout Tracks

   This Violent Earth
   Cyclical Life