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Le'rue Delashay, "Musick in Theory and Practice"
Le'rue Delashay
Musick in Theory and Practice
Le'rue Delashay, "Musick in Theory and Practice"

The second opus from this court composer presents over twenty-three minutes of dark, ritualistic neo-classical music designed to haunt one's feeble mind or to exercise one's demonic powers. Those who were first introduced to Le' rue's newest creation, The Law of 8ve, may find Musick in Theory and Practice to be a more experimental and may even call it ?raw.' The sound is a bit more substandard as the composer uses something that sounds like a Casio keyboard rather that an actual piano which predominates on the new release. Nevertheless, these compositions still sound powerful. The music excels on the third and fourth tracks when Le' rue brings in a strong neo-classical edge which makes the sound particularly poignant. Yet, the overall effect of these compositions is not as touching as the new material which sounds more improvisational and involves more lead work, while the older songs are much more chord-oriented. Still, listening to this album presents an interesting perspective on how Le' rue has matured as a composer. This alone should not be the only reason to check out Musick in Theory and Practice; it contains plenty of goodies to attract an open-minded listener.

Standout Tracks

   Evocation of Midnight Manifests