Reviews : Albums : Murderer's Row, "Menace to Sobriety"

Murderer's Row, "Menace to Sobriety"
Murderer's Row
Menace to Sobriety
2003, GSR
Murderer's Row, "Menace to Sobriety"

Oh my fucking god this disc is terrible! Goddamn terrible! Headache inducing terrible! I can't even describe how bad Murderer's Row's Menace to Sobriety is. Fuck, who the hell borrows an old Ugly Kid Joe album title and thinks they can get away with it? The lyrics are retarded confrontational hardcore drivel, the music is this stupid simplistic two-chord-per-song punk with gruff vocals (think Mighty Mighty Bosstones but trying to do hardcore), and the album lasts an interminable 40 minutes. There isn't a quality minute on this disc (that's 0 for 40, motherfuckers)! If you buy Menace to Sobriety and enjoy it, I hope you get run over by a bus.

Peter Johnston