Edge of Sanity, "Crimson"

It is truly remarkable what Edge of Sanity has achieved with "Crimson". While previous releases, stellar releases mind you, such as "Purgatory Afterglow" or "The Spectral Sorrows", put Edge of Sanity in a niche of its own, it has never achieved something of these proportions and epic magnitude. In fact, not many bands have created a one song concept album that flows so flawlessly as "Crimson".

The genre is hard to define, it is so varied and goes from one extreme to another, it's very melodic progressive death metal, with influences from just about every music style there is, and it all comes alive under the crafty hand of Dan Swan?. There's catchy melodies and accoustic passages, jazzy breaks, clean vocal choruses, thundering and brutal double bass drumming, crunching guitars, sweeping melodies, multi layered keyboard arrangements, you name it, it's here. The musical variety "Crimson" has to offer is fascinating. There's an infinite amount of musical material here so that everytime you hear it you catch something new that you haven't heard before. It's absolutely stunning. Pure genius.

This album is one 40 minute long song. But don't let that discourage you, as it is composed and written brilliantly. Not once it gets boring, it keeps interesting and engaging throughout its forty minutes. The melodies are memorable and catchy, and some of them re-appear later in the album. It's all tied together, and it gives the impression of being one whole composition, instead of pasted together parts like some bands do, slap together a few different songs and call it a concept album.

Last but not least, lyrically this release has some of the finest stories ever told in a music album. It's a poetic fantasy epic story about the battle between evil and good. That may sound cliche but it is actually interesting. If you listen to the music and read the lyrics, it creates an incomparable atmosphere. Simply stunning work. The amount of work and thought that went into the creation of "Crimson" is stratospheric. And it only took them a few days to record it at the studio. Quite shocking, considering some bands spend months at the recording studio and release pure crap. Guess thats where real talent matters.

So there you have it folks. This is one epic opus to out-epic everything else you have heard. If you still clutch to those Opeth CDs thinking it doesn't get any better, think again. Obtain "Crimson" at any cost and prepare to be amazed. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Standout Tracks