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Behemoth, "Conjuration"

Collectors and Behemoth fans rejoice! This is definitely a treat not worth missing. On the footsteps of Zos Kia Cultus Nergal provides this offering of extra goodies that has one outtake from Zos, 2 cover tunes and 7 whopping live tracks.

The outtake, Conjuration ov Sleep Daemons is just as good as anything on Zos and performs some devious technical gallops. More of a mid tempo tune it has a crushing presence and an overpowering rhythm section. Very strange that a song of this caliber would get left out of any album.

Then you get the 2 covers which are both rather silly especially the cover of NIN's Wish. Behemoth covering NIN, thats almost as strange as an XXXL t-shirt covering an emaciated squirrel. Nergal even does some whisper/hoarse clean vocals which just feels strange that it could be him. Not a bad tune or anything its just like a weird acid trip to hear a cover like this. This gets followed by a cover of Venom's Welcome to Hell which fortunately has all its oldschool metal glory powered by the Behemoth motor of destruction. Fun tune!

What you get after that is practically a whole live show. For those unfortunate people who haven't been able to see the band live (like me, cursed venue managers!) will get a chance to hear some well-recorded live Behemoth. The recording really captures the live setting and even the interaction of the fans. Since it was recorded back in 2001 it contains no songs from Zos but plenty of older material especially 2 pre-Satanica tunes which kick mega-polish ass live. Other than that they get all the big tunes from both Satanica and Thelema .6. I'm very happy to have all these live tunes as would any other metalhead.

Conjuration is a goodie that you don't wanna miss out on. Other that weird NIN cover everything is pretty kickass.

Standout Tracks

   Conjuration ov Sleep Daemons
   All the live stuff