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Monstrosity, "Rise To Power"

Monstrosity have and probably always will be Death Metal with a capital D. And to enjoy any of the band's work, including Rise to Power, their 2003 release, you've really got to be into death metal, because these Floridians don't do any of that sugar-frosting bullshit with their music. It's all deep vocals, blast beats, sickening guitar tones and slayer style leads?and they've been doing this for so long that it sounds pretty damn decent.

What I've found every time I listen to this album is, that despite Monstrosity's proficiency and experience, I'm not that interested in what they're playing. Nowadays there are plenty of faster bands, those with better guitar work, and those with simply a fresher take on the death metal idea. If I were a serious and true death metal purist, I would probably appreciate this disc more, but I'm not and Rise to Power doesn't do for me what it would if I had discovered the band three albums ago.

Standout Tracks

   A Casket for theSoul
   Rise to Power

Peter Johnston