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Stillbirth, "Promo 2004"
Promo 2004
2003, Demo
Stillbirth, "Promo 2004"

Italian newcomers Stillbirth present their wares on their untitled, four-song promo CD. The music is an interesting mix of heavy death metal with fragile mid 90's European style melodies (think of those on In Flames' Subterranean or a Eucharist disc). The resulting music is reminiscent of Exhumation, but with less low end and more death metal. It's complex, engaging and never once through the course of the disc does it sound too much like anything else in the scene. Stillbirth may still be a band in its infancy, but with the quality of music on this promo, they sound like they've been at it for years.

Standout Tracks

   This Malediction
   Victims of the Nuclear Age
   Eternal Damnation

Peter Johnston