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Antimatter, "Lights Out"

Antimatter is back with a follow-up to last year's Savior. Musically a bit more primal nonetheless as emotionally charged, Duncan Patterson and Co. have discovered a more simplified way to express sad feelings. The band utilizes the "less is more" approach: fairly basic song structures that rely on piano, acoustic guitars, and drum loops while gentle male and female vocals carry the listener into the band's rendition of the trip hop genre.

Due to a straightforward nature of these songs, comparisons to such acts as Portishead and Massive Attack are inevitable, and rightfully so. Tracks like Lights Out, Expire, and Reality Clash bear a strong semblance to the aforementioned bands. This is Antimatter's main flaw on Lights Out. Not that these songs are weak; they're not. Simply they fail to bring something new to the table, something that will detach Antimatter from other bands in the genre.

Still, there are songs like Everything You Know is Wrong, In Stone, and Reality Clash that possess an attribute sorely missing in a scene dominated by female vocals: relaxing male singing courtesy of Mick Moss. This, along with deeply moving keyboard melody at the end of Dream (3:58), are a few of the elements that Antimatter should build upon on its upcoming releases. So far so good, but I expect the next album by these Britts to be a real knockout.

Standout Tracks

   Everything You Know is Wrong
   Reality Clash