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Midnight Sun, "Metal Machine"
Midnight Sun
Metal Machine
2001, SPV
Midnight Sun, "Metal Machine"

Unless the band you are reviewing is called Manowar, you know that you are getting a pretentious piece of crap when the album is called Metal Machine. Besides, any album that has the word "Metal" as a part of its name better be unbelievably fucking good, or I will not have many pleasing things to say about it.

Midnight Sun is a Swedish power metal band that put out a pretty bad album in Metal Machine. The main problem with this record is that it is completely clich?. I usually like to check out the song titles before listening to the music, and what do I find here? Three songs have the word "Metal" in them [Metal Gods, Metal Machine, Metal will Stand Tall], and the word "steel" appears three times in the title as well, although this time, the band outdid themselves, and put it twice in one song [Dungeons of Steel, Steel to Steel]. That does not include at least two dozen times both words are used in the lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, here is a little sample from Steel to Steel:

Brothers of metal, Stand up for your right! Prepare yourself for endless fight!

Steel to Steel, Steel to Steel, Hold your hammer high. Steel to Steel, Steel to Steel, The gods are waiting in the sky!

I am sorry, but who do you guys think you are?! I think Joey DeMaio should ride his Harley all the way to Sweden and kick some sense into you.

While the song titles and the lyrics are only a part of the problem here, the music is what really matters, or in the given case, does not matter. The quality of writing is bad: there a few too many chugga-chugga riffs here, wanky guitar solos, and stupid keyboards to ruin almost any album. After three listens to Metal Machine, I must say that there is nothing about this album that I would recommend. Moreover, the vocals are mixed too high, but with the lackluster guitar, drum and bass performances, who cares? Stay away!