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Scars of Tomorrow, "Rope Tied to the Trigger"
Scars of Tomorrow
Rope Tied to the Trigger
Scars of Tomorrow, "Rope Tied to the Trigger"

Along with my recent review of Premonitions of War's newest one, this is easily one of Victory's heaviest releases ever. Apart from Premonitions however, this is pretty well executed heavy hardcore akin to the once brutal-as-fuck Bird of Ill Omen or Cease. Very thick, chunky mosh metal full of breakdowns and the dreaded but powerful E- chord stomp. I am not sure where Scars of Tomorrow hail from, but it sounds like either New England or mid-southern Florida, and I would be surprised to hear otherwise (well what do you fucking know, they are from southern California, my next guess, seriously). The music ranges from the bands above, to somewhat melodic moments not unlike older, not poppy Poison the Well. Much thankfully there is not one ounce of Swedish melody or harmony to be found on the entire record, thank you Scars of Tomorrow; this makes me recall older times in the hardcore scene, instead of making me want to snap your disc in half. The vocals really are what make me think of Bird of Ill Omen, aside from the over use of spoken word after every screamed line on almost every song. This is really the only thing I really do not care for on this CD. All in All, Scars of Tomorrow are extremely well versed in the ways of mid to late nineties mosh metal, but also they are somewhat generic, especially their name which should be a song title, and even as such it would be a generic one. Not a bad release by far, but just not a very original one either; very heavy, very tight, but unfortunately a sound that is very easy to come by.

Standout Tracks

   As We Choke
   From My Existence
   To Watch You Burn