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Stereochrist, "Dead River Blues"

Stereochrist remind me a whole lot of heavy southern rock like Down or Pantera with their album "Dead River Blues". But get this, the band's from fucking Budapest, Hungary! Thinking about this fact is a huge trip since the group comes very close to convincing us all that they're living the same reality as Phil Anselmo and crew. The music's thick, mid-paced and very bouncy, a lot like if Down averaged out all their music, taking away the softer songs and mellowing out their heaviest. Here's the hitch: though the vocals are close to making it, something about them doesn't work quite well enough. It might just be a pronunciation thing, but the frontman doesn't hit the notes quite right often enough, and there are portions in most songs that sound comical. Though I'm not all that deterred by the delivery, I'm certain that more scrutinizing fans of the genre would be. Hopefully future releases will show Stereochrist continuing along the same path musically, but with more control in the vocal department.

Standout Tracks

   Mind Ammo

Peter Johnston