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Elenium, "Promo '01"
Promo '01
2001, Demo
Elenium, "Promo '01"

Hailing from Finlad, Elenium are an atmospheric death metal band that make no bones about being influenced by Amorphis, but their music rises above mere mimickery to deliver far a more interesting blend of sounds than their forefathers have in years.

Like the band that inspires them, Elenium are masters at incorporating other non-metal influences into their music. In any given song, you're likely to hear a classical piano progression lead into a lo-fi electronica beat that spirals into an arabesque leads that ascends higher and higher before being sucked down into a crushing death groove. Above all this come both powerful roars and clean, Ozzy-ish vocals [the guy is a dead ringer for the singer of Count Raven] that round out the sound incredibly well. Elenium use a lot of synth, but they marry it so well to the heavy stuff that it's become a fantastic attribute rather than a distraction. Credit has to go to the keyboardist for much of the other-worldly sounds, but the rest of the band also shows considerable wisdom in knowing how to both free and constrain him as needed by the song.

Fans of Amorphis, Children of Bodom, Decoryah, and old Swedish doom, listen up, because Elenium is definitely a band you'll be interested in.

Standout Tracks

   From Within Chaos