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Aborym, "Fire Walk With Us"

Aborym's second album, "Fire Walk with Us", is the sound of "De Mysteriis..."-era Mayhem overdosing on lo-fi digital effects and occasionally coming completely unhinged. The sound revolves around a direct, mono pulse of guitar and drums [drum machine?] over synth pads, with Attila Csihar's manic vocal improvisations dragging their dead limbs among layer after after layer of samples, noises and keyboards. The vibe is incredibly dark and mysterious most of the time, but there are some hellish fast parts that bring to mind the hypnotic drumming style of "...Nightside Eclispse" [2:07 of the title track], The riffs are deadly in that old black metal style, but sometimes they get buried under all the sound effects. The keys add greatly to the overall effect most of the time [see the intro to "Here is No God STA"], but sometimes, they end up sounding like a video game [see the remainder of "Here is No God STA"]. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to just sit back and enjoy Attila's incredible performance and ignore the occasional bleeps.

So if you've been bitching about the new Emperor and Mayhem releases, check this one out. If you can handle the samples, you might just find what you've been wanting.

Standout Tracks

   Our Sentence
   Total Black
   Det Som en Gang Var