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Behemoth, "Satanica"

Behemoth originally played a much rawer style of black metal, but you'd hardly know it from the polished, blackened-death you find on "Satanica". This record is huge. Its production is huge, its guitars are huge, its vocals are huge, its image, drums, attitude, cover art and performances are huge. The name suits them, because "Satanica" is "behemoth" incarnate.

Led by then 22 year old Nergal, Behemoth come out on "Decade of Oepion" with all guns blazing and never let up for a second. Nergal's voice is nothing but a hoarse-throated yell pushed to the brink with sheer determination and will. They use speed when necessary, but most songs are in brisk headbanging tempos that feel much faster thanks to the frenzied drumwork and rifle-shot guitar riffs. Think "Blessed are the Sick"-era Morbid Angel meets last year's Emperor with a dash of Vader for taste.

An absolutely crushing album.

Standout Tracks

   Decade of Oepion
   Ceremony of Shiva
   Chant for Ezxhaton