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Behemoth, "Thelema.6"

Well, they wasted no time with this one. It took less than a year for Behemoth to slap "Satanica" [one of last year's best albums] down on the copier and hit the big green button. This isn't a follow-up, it's a bookend, meaning that if you've heard "Satanica", then you already know pretty much what "Thelema.6" sounds like. Behemoth hasn't done anything radically different with this album, just written eleven brand new songs in the same blackened death style they perfected on "Satanica", and that ain't bad.

If there is an element that Behemoth has added, it's a slow, confident power. "Antichristian Phenomenon" and a few other tracks take the speed down a few notches and begin to lumber about. The last two tracks in particular are more experimental, especially with the vocals and simply reek of power. Does this point the way to the future? We can only hope...

Personally, I like "Satanica better", but either album is fantastic and a well-recommended buy.

Standout Tracks

   The Act of Rebellion
   The Universe Illumination
   Vinvm Sabbati
   23 : The Youth Manifesto