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Blood Red Throne, "Monument of Death"

Tchort is back and in a big way, stepping into 2002 with no less than three new releases. As if new material from Carpathian Forest and the amazing Green Carnation weren't enough, Tchort also took the time to work a new band into shape, this time an old-school death metal combo battling under the title of Blood Red Throne. Monument of Death is a throwback to a decade already past us, as it overflows with mid-paced chunkiness, creeping melodies and neck-snapping breakdowns. The production is pure new millenium though, sounding closer to Abyss than Morrisound and robbing the songs of their warmth and leaving a cold, clear mix where everything is audible. A solid addition to any collection.

Standout Tracks

   Portrait of a Killer
   Mary Whispers of Death