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Brainoil, "Split w/Cruevo"

Brainoil share this split CD with fellow Cali sludge rockers, Cruevo. It's a good match, with Cruevo's uptempo rockers meeting Brainoil's loose power trio jams head on. They keep the songs very short, about a minute or two for most of them and they're about what you'd expect from a power trio band like this. Interspersed between lo-fi electronic noisescapes, you'll find lots of groove, bouncy downtuned riffing and evil, smoke filled burn. The production is a tad iffy, but it gets the point across if you turn it up loud enough, and let's face it, this stuff isn't meant for polite accompaniment to pat conversations with your in-laws. Lights off and light up.

Standout Tracks

   To the Third