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Candiria, "Process of Self-Development"
Process of Self-Development
1999, MIA
Candiria, "Process of Self-Development"

Avante-garde metal is taking off in Scandinavia with bands like Solefald and Fleurety taking the chaos of black metal and injecting with the strangeness of European pop and techo or various shades and flavors of jazz. Strangely, America has had very little truly experimental metal in that vein. Until recently, that is, with a small burst of intense creativity and balls has been unstitching American metal, hardcore and jazz and re-sewing the pieces into new quilts of sound.

Less intense than Today is the Day and less confusing than Dillinger Escape Plan, Candiria are blending hardcore, metal, trippy jazz and hip-hop into a schizophrenic mix of moods and textures that acts as a reflection of their environment. You can hear the cut and paste nature of urban life in the patchwork of their compositions. You can hear the fumes and frustration of overcrowding and density in the stop and start ensemble rhythms of the heavy sections. You can hear the tense ambition of ghetto futures in the raps. You can feel the over-buzzed sway of early morning, post rave chillout in the trippy sections. They don't throw everything into the songs at once, but usually divide the songs into 'chapters' connected without transitions or any interest in softening the blow. The result is a confusing and unfamiliar ride through most of the material, which is definately the intent.

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