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Emperor, "In the Nightside Eclipse"

This was recorded a year after Mayhem's De Mysteriis when Emperor was still dangerous and in danger. Churches had been burned and a couple of members were facing prison terms. But once again, out of the chaos came brilliance.

In the Nightside Eclipse is one of the defining albums for black metal, capturing all the essential ingredients : murky production, drums blasted in ambience, shrieking wilderness vocals, reverb soaked guitars and a dark, menacing ambience. But what Emperor had that others lacked [and something that would eventually separate them from the rest] was a kind of royal supremacy in their songs. They didn't get wasted and play three chords as fast as they could...they composed. They planned and thought and schemed. Things were done for a reason and the end result was something palpably different. Emperor may have been claiming to be gods, but they were actually kings.

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