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Enrapture, "Ceremonially Impure"
Ceremonially Impure
2002, Demo
Enrapture, "Ceremonially Impure"

Michigan's Enrapture comes out strong for a demo, showcasing their better-than-average sound and vocals. Several bands come to mind, mostly Dying Fetus and Obituary, but Enrapture do have the beginnings of their own sound, and you can hear it in the chorus of Chaos Revealed and the grooves of Brain Circuit. Sadly, they're let down by Adam Eklund's drumming and the bass-heavy mix, but these are flaws that will be worked out in time, and they've already got a handle on the most important things: songwriting, grooves and riffs. Time and effort will fix the rest.

Standout Tracks

   Chaos Revealed
   Brain Circuit