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Exhumed Day, "Promo 2002"
Exhumed Day
Promo 2002
2002, Demo
Exhumed Day, "Promo 2002"

Despite the harsh, ear-scraping production, Exhumed Day manage to deliver a pretty enjoyable demo of high-impact blackened death metal, sounding somewhat like Marduk with a bit more soul. The music feels Swedish, but because for the tempos, picking style and beats than for clean vocals or slick melody. Exhumed Day really pull it together on When the Soul Will Leave Me, with some beautifully depressing riffs, subtle keyboards, a cool bass freakout and haunting female vocals. All in all, the production is the enemy here, but if you can get past that, there's some pretty good music to be found.

Standout Tracks

   When the Soul Will Leave Me
   Prepared to Kill