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Immortal, "Damned in Black"

Apparently, some people were pissed that Immortal slowed down some on their last album, so they cranked back up for Damned in Black. Well, I haven't heard enough of their older work to comment much, but taking Damned in Black on its own merits, I think they must have done a good thing.

From start to finish, the fucker just rips. The album starts out with an old-school thrash riff and quickly digresses into something somewhere between De Mysteriis and IX Equilibrium. By that, I mean it has some of that old Mayhem chill, but with a modern quickness to the production, a'la latter-day Emperor. And, I could be crazy, but am I the only one getting some old, old Kreator kinda vibes from these songs?

All in all, this won't be the best record of their career or the one they're remembered for, but it's a damn lot of fun.

Standout Tracks

   In Our Mystic Visions Blest
   Damned in Black