Reviews : Albums : Sunn 0))), "White 2"

Sunn 0))), "White 2"

Three tracks of subsonic bass rumblings at glacial speed, and an hour long disc...hmm...sounds like a Southern Lord band to me. In fact, these bassy vibrations come from Sunn 0)), the quintessential Southern Lord supergroup. Just last year they released a mammoth slab of sub-doom in White 1, and now, we're handed the second episode, White 2.

This time around, the band has found some excellent cover artwork to make up for the last installment's rather weak scribblings, though they don't bring the same caliber of music to the table. "Hell -o))) ween," though thankfully guitar-oriented, just doesn't work that well as a one-riff instrumental for 14 minutes. "bassAliens," though more interesting sonically, isn't substantial enough to retain my attention, and the last track "Decay 2 (Nihil's Maw)" needs to make more of the vocal wheezings and groanings...maybe turn them into vocals so that us listeners have SOMETHING to hang onto here.

Sunn 0))) managed to convey a more coherent message on White 1 than on this one by utilizing spoken word passages and creating a carpet of sound that varied a little bit. White 2 fails to vary enough probably because there simply isn't enough of anything here to be varying. If there is a White 3 the band ought to sit and think very hard about how to sculpt their feedback statues so that the listener will care about them more.

Peter Johnston