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Sceptic, "Unbeliever's Script"

Thie band started out sounding like Death and they're going to end sounding like Death. That isn't necessarily a bad thing nowadays with all the tripe being released, but these guys can be pretty shameless about it. "Controlled By Mind" borrows riffs from both Death classics "Spirit Crusher" and "Symbolic" in the same song, but these guys look young and it takes balls to rip off the mighty Death so I'll give them credit.

The last album was kind of sophomoric, so let's hear how the sophomore album sounds. The band is still firmly rooted in the Individual Thought Patterns style, but with a greater reliance on scales and groove. It's the fun missing link between death and prog, but I just wish Sceptic would stop sitting on the fence. If these guys would stop mourning Chuck Schuldiner for a second I bet they could go all out crazy prog, but that'll come with time. There's already evidence of a coming into form on the doomy "Waves of Destruction" and on the syncopated title track. Every band starts out sounding like someone and then develops personal character, so it's only a matter of time before these guys have a revelation and then we'll have quite the juggernaut on our hands. In the meantime, if you want some Death worship and can't wait out the lawsuit that's delaying that last Control Denied record, check this out.

Standout Tracks

   Unbeliever's Script
   Waves of Destruction