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Sceptic, "Unbeliever's Script"

Poland's Sceptic play bewildering, melodic, technical death metal on their third album Unbeliever's Script. The only way I have been able to think about the music on this 9-track disc is to imagine Symbolic-era Death slowed down to mid-pace and spiced up with some The Gallery style Dark Tranquillity guitar work. On paper this formula appears quite solid, though in practice, Sceptic have a ways to go to satisfy my cravings.

The problems with this disc are not glaring, nor are they easy to point out, though like many technical death metal bands, the overall listening appeal is diminished by the way they push the envelope in complexity. There are more songs with too many choppy breakdowns and extreme time changes than there are those where they just let the double bass run full blast and do their damnedest to kill us all. There simply needs to be more of that in metal these days, and Sceptic have the ability to really bring it if they simply choose to. Unbeliever's Script is not a bad disc, but with all the undelivered potential here, it's kind of easy to think of it as such.

Standout Tracks

   Illusion Possessor
   Soul Controllers

Peter Johnston