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Alchemist, "Organasm"

Brass tacks: Australia's most eclectic four-piece Alchemist is a truly unique band, and Organasm is an album you should own, no matter who you think you are. The ten songs are all awe-inspiring, well-structured and different from anything you've heard before...unless, of course you have any of the band's back catalog. These musical masterminds weave a vivid, flowing aural tapestry with the traditional metal instruments augmented by organic synthesizer sounds and several other instruments, including a dijiredoo (help, I don't know the spelling of this word, and apparently neither does Webster!). The main differences between Organasm and earlier releases are numerous, with the most glaring being the increased maturity of the music as well as a more polished production job. The one drawback on this disc is the lyrical content, which, as on earlier releases stresses political correctness and gets lost in itself. Though these Aussies aren't utterly retarded like the band Boulder, their lyrics are unintelligible and rather worthless. Still, the music on Organasm is true quality, so don't let this sour point hold you back for long.

Standout Tracks

   Just listen to the album from beginning to end!

Peter Johnston