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Immortal, "Sons of Northern Darkness"

There's very, very little to be said about this album that hasn't before been said about Immortal. If you have had a chance to listen to Damned in Black then you know how this legendary Norwegian trio's music has morphed from pure, evil black metal into pure, evil black metal with tons of meaty grooves and catchy style since Blizzard Beasts. Sons of Northern Darkness should be thought of as the more than adequate sequel to the band's previous release, a Damned in Black II if you will. This doesn't mean that the disc is dull or predictable, because it's anything but that. The opening song "One By One" completely Destroys (yes, with a capital D) the boring theory within the first 30 seconds, and the 7 remaining songs will leave a shit-eating grin on any black metal fan's corpse-painted face. Though not an essential piece of genre-defining music, Sons of Northern Darkness is an extremely worthwhile listen from start to finish, and that's worth quite a bit in my book.

Standout Tracks

   One By One
   Sons of Northern Darkness

Peter Johnston