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Lockup, "Pleasures Pave Sewers"

Do you remember when Terrorizer released World Downfall in 1989? At the time, it was considered a benchmark in brutality for metal bands. Their straightforward, no-frills approach was relentless, and the music was raw and raging. Ten years later, we see many bands trying to get back to their roots by imitating the founders of this genre. Lockup is just one of these groups, but with the caliber of the musicians, their debut Pleasures Pave Sewers should not be discounted quite so quickly.

The lineup boasts of Shane Embury and Jesse Pintado both from Napalm Death on bass and guitar respectively (the latter actually was in Terrorizer), Nick Barker on drums (former Cradle of Filth/current Dimmu Borgir member) and Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy) responsible for the vocals. Unfortunately, since the band has decided to take the stripped down approach to this album, there are absolutely no guitar solos, far too many riffs that sound the same, and there is an overall feel that borrows too heavily from World Downfall. The track "The Dreams are Sacrificed" even has a riff and drum beat that is unmistakably way too close to Terrorizer's classic "Fear of Napalm."

These points may not bother you, especially if you are the type of person who craves music that will rip your eyelids off your face in one play. That's right, Pleasures Pave Sewers is totally insane. Nick Barker's drums are so incredibly fast (and done in one take!), Peter's vocals are scathing and evil, and the boys from Napalm Death make the album chug along in an appropriate, heavy manner. It would be safe to say that liking Lockup's debut depends completely on whether the listener can successfully overlook the plainness of the album. If so, Pleasures Pave Sewers will seem like a gem...and if not, it will just seem really, really fast.

Peter Johnston