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Lockup, "Hate Breeds Suffering"

Play from your fucking hearts!" is the screamed quote leading into "Feeding on the Opiate," the first track on Lockup's second album Hate Breeds Suffering. On the band's previous effort, we all saw right away that this super group meant business with its one-sided, speeding, thrashing, crust/grind assault. To be honest, however, Pleasures Pave Sewers fell short of both breathtaking and ingenious because of its simplicity. On Hate Breeds Suffering, though, there are a few new twists that make it a more interesting disc.

The first of these is that Thomas Lindberg (ex-At The Gates, Disfear, Skitsystem, The Great Deceiver, The Crown) has offered up his vocal chords to replace Peter Tagtgren's. The result is an album with a more believable crustcore feel. The 20-grit sandpaper delivery fits more naturally in with the noise that Mr. Barker, Pintado and Embury create. In addition, the rest of the band has found more of its chops. The grooves laid down on most of these incredibly fast, short tracks (many clock in under 2:00 and there are 16 on the disc) works far better than the material on the previous attempt. Check out the slick breakdowns on "Dead Sea Scroll Deception" or the beginning of "Slaughterous Ways" for proof. Other memorable moments on the album include the brutal track "Catharsis" as well as the title: "High Tide in a Sea of Blood." Yeah, that's cool. Really, though, if you like crusty punk/grind, or you just plain dig hearing Tompa scream over tons and tons of Nick Barker's blast beats, this is your chance for seriously wicked bliss.

Standout Tracks

   Dead Sea Scroll Deception

Peter Johnston